The Salvage Yard Resale Shoppe
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About The Salvage Yard Resale Shoppe
The Salvage Yard is an upscale resale store. We sell everything from knick knacks to couches and hutches. We are a small family owned business that set out to bring people their treasures at an affordable price and in an excellent condition. We opened in July 2011. We were also honored with a top five place in the Cleveland Hotlist last year.We care for our customers like they are family, so you will feel at home here in the Salvage Yard. Our inventory is constantly changing, filling our store with unique, out of the ordinary items. Come on in or give us a call, we can't wait to meet you.

Tired of dusting?
Downsizing your home?
Don't want to have a yard sale?
or Moving?


Bring your treasures to the store on WED or FRI.
Or send photos of bigger items to our email!